iPhone Data Recovery – Recover Lost Contacts, Photos, Text Messages, etc. from iPhone


Lost iPhone contacts after update/restore? iPhone unfortunately got stolen or broken? Never mind, you have chance to get the data back. Just with this iPhone data recovery software(, you can recover lost files from iPhone 5s, 5C, 5, 4S, 4, 3GS, and all other iOS devices.
For Mac users just click here:

1. Recover Files from iPhone without Backup
If you inadvertently deleted or lost data from iPhone but never backed up your iPhone to iTunes or iCloud, you can use this software and choose its recovery strategy – Recover Data from iOS Devices.

2. Restore Deleted/Lost Files from iTunes Backup
If you unluckily got your iPhone stolen or lost, as long as you have backup files on your computer, you can try the second recovery strategy – Recover Data from iTunes Backup.
PS: The backup files on your computer are SQL_DB files and you have to use extral iTunes data recovery to extract it. And another tool especially designed to extract data from iTunes backup is also recommended here:

3. Retrieve Lost Data from iColud Backup
If you backup your data by using iCloud, you can try the third recovery mode from iCloud.

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  1. I lost my media on the iPhone which was not even backed up by iCloud or iTunes up to date ! Last time I have synced with iTunes 4 months ago ! When I pressed restore button on iTunes found that the data which was stored before that is 4 months before was synced and I have missed all my important media up to date ! Can u please suggest me the solution for it

  2. Theres this thing on youtube titled "How to delete cydia" since my mom doesnt want cydia on her phone I did that, but then I forgot to Backup everything on her phone, now all of her Photos, Apps, and Contacts are now gone will this solve my solution?

  3. my phone had been disabled for 3 weeks and then i connected it to itunes to start it again. as i was not able to unlock it so throughout the whole process my data got i want to restore my photos and videos so is there any way to do it.

  4. Hi I happened to use IPHONE DATA RECOVERY and went into advance mode on my iPod touch 4g and it had the spinning circle and when I unplugged it it just powered off and won't turn back on plz help?

  5. hey, i by accident signed off my friends soundcloud to log onto mine and use the phone with my personal stuff in it. Now will i be able to retrieve his/her notes and pictures by using this software? It's so important to me to get them back!

  6. Does this actually work? My mom has no icloud or itunes backup and she accidentally pressed the system restore on her phone. She's been crying every night about it..I also feel upset and angry about it too. I hope in the future Iphone makes a better recovery system or an undo button! +Kaoder Linge

  7. Okay so my dad tried to put all my pictures from my iPhone 4s in the laptop but for some reason I can't find them and all of my dad's phone's data went on my phone please HELP!!!!! I want to get my pictures back from my laptop but I can't find them

  8. Is there a way to recover text messages that were recently sent to your iPhone after it was deactivated. My phone wasn't backed up by iTunes for a couple years and so everything that shows up is from a really long time ago. I deactivated my phone and got a new one and today all my call history showed up randomly, but not my texts so I was confused.

  9. What if my phone has to be restored cuz it showed up to connect to iTunes and I had to restore my iPhone. Can I still get all my pics back. I didn't back them up with iTunes or iCloud though. Please help!

  10. i forgot my iphone"s passcode.. i wanna get my data be4 i reset it.. can u plz help me ? any idea plz.. i need to use my phone but i dont want to reset untill i find a way to get my data plz help

  11. how about if my iPhone 5s was water damaged after it had a severely cracked screen? the phone won't turn on at all. i had some photos that weren't backed up onto iCloud. can i still retrieve those?

  12. I have downloaded the software for free and tried it , manage to see those photos i wanted even some photos i barely remember having it , but the issue starts after i restart my pc no longer able to open the program after paying it . is this company legit or a scam? All i got now is windows application error…

  13. My phone was not backed up, someone accidentally deleted all my photos. Can I still retrieve them
    Even though none of them were backed up?? The phone still works and turns on. Also
    Does this cost? How much.

  14. Hi Kaoder, I need your help!! I dont know much about iphones or icloud etc- I desperately need to recover some deleted messages from a few months back. Can you please tell me how or give me a link? thankyou so much xxx

  15. +lily andrez  Oh I am so sorry to hear about that. But I only know to use IPHONE DATA RECOVERY software to recover lost data in iPhone now. I think if the message is so important for you and you are in hurry, you can pay for the software. Otherwise, if I find another way, I will share it with you. Good luck.

  16. So a really important message of mine deleted and I need it! I haven't backed up my iPhone and I can't buy anything ( can't use money) on any downloads or apps:( any way I can get my deleted iMessage back! Plz reply

  17. Hi Kaoder Linge, my iPhone completely crashed and i cannot switch it on – it just won't power on. ┬áThe Genius's at Apple said to restore it but i have precious photos of my new born that i really need to recover. ┬áIf i restore my iPhone will this software be able to retrieve my photos? ┬áreally appreciate any advice you can offer…

  18. i forgot my iphone password and reseted my phone now im not able to get my icloud back up.. and the worst part is it says that i have enevr backed up my data.. ik i have m so confused n tensed smone help me????

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